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Nikon D7000

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Nikon D7000 Timelpase Guide.

Learn the best techniques to getting the most out of your Nikon D7000 for timelapse shooting.

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How To with Nikon D7000

Shoot timelapse footage

The best techniques and settings to use with your Nikon D7000.


HDR Timelapse Techniques

HDR Timelapse sequences can be captured directly on the D7000.


Photomatix Batch Processing

Photomatix batch processing tips and techniques for HDR timelapse processing.


Final Cut and Aperture Production

Using Aperture and then converting your timelapse to a video with either Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut X.

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HDR timelapse shooting is something I really want to master, thank you for the tips.
Roger Oxley
Thanks for the tips on time lapse photography, very handy.
Nina Jenson

Chapters Include

Nikon D7000 Settings, D90 vs D7000, HDR timelapse on the D7000, Processing with Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut X, Processing with Aperture.

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