Sony a7R Time-lapse Tips

The Sony a7R has is capable of performing time-lapse and here is a video by Mark Galer showing some of the menu features. It is an interesting option in the Sony a7 cameras now that you can download applications to the camera. The application you need to perform a time-lapse on the Sony a7R is called Time-Lapse LE (not sure about the LE, perhaps there is a limited edition).  The features and options available inside the application I quite like. One is you can set the ratio to be 16:9 right in the camera, saving some post processing time afterwards. There are also enough manual features in the app to allow full control over the setup before starting the time-lapse, like focus, exposure and ISO and other features too. When you are finished setting up the app and ready to start simply hit the shutter button. To stop the application or the time-lapse simply hit the shutter button once again.

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