New Nikon D810

The D800 is a good camera that just had a very nice upgrade across various areas with the D810 upgrade. One of those areas was of course the time-lapse capabilities. I’m very impressed with the new features and would love to get my hands on a unit to try them out. Here is a comparison Nikon D810 vs D800 The new D810 now has built into the camera some nice new features to do with time-lapse photography.

  • Interval Timer Exposure Smoothing
  • Timelapse Exposure Smoothing
  • 9,999 (D800 was 999)
  • Unlimited continuos shooting

@photoSentinel asked a great question about the new features below.

It’s a great question to ask and seems to be two new features found on the camera of the Nikon D810 itself. These sorts of features are usually found in 3rd party remotes that help smooth out time-lapse shoots when exposures tend to change over the time like at sunset or sunrise. I can’t find the exact description of these two new features, but perhaps someone can correct my following assumptions. I will hazard a guess as to say the Interval Timer Exposure smoothing will relate to individual frames being adjusted on the fly to match previous frames exposure. The time-lapse exposure smoothing I guess is relating to the final output. Adjusting exposure smoothness from the first frame to the last frame of the final output movie. These are just guesses based on some of the software that is available to perform similar things in post so I hope to soon get my hands on the D810 to test these features and properly review them. The bump up in frames for a recorded timelapse is nice with previously only being 999 and is now 9,999. The D810 now also has unlimited continuos shooting which is good for star trails, but for most of us this has never been an issue with creating star trails in post once we have our frames exported of a star trail it is easy enough to create in post with photo shop. You really would need to think ahead and have a few batteries if you were to do more shooting after recording star trails. Some D810 promo videos below.

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