Final Cut a Compound Clip

Here I will show you how to use your timelapse sequence in Final Cut Pro X and 7 as if they were a movie sequence. It is impossible to use the individual sequences and edit them as a whole so by doing what i have outlined below you will be able to use your timelapse sequence to do colour adjustments and effects as you would with any raw footage.

Final Cut X a Compound Clip

Converting to a compound clip will allow you to edit the timelapse sequence as a complete clip. Allowing you to edit the speed of the clip further, add colour corrections and even some of the new effects within Final Cut X. To create a compound clip select all the sequences on the time line (control+a) and right click on your selections and select “New Compound Clip” from the menu. As you can see the result with this sample below the clip is now one entire clip and not many small clips. You can still edit the multiple clips if you need to by double clicking this compound clip.

Final Cut X Compound Clip

The individual images

Final Cut X Compound Clip

Select All and create a compound clip

Final Cut X Compound Clip

The compound clip

Final Cut 7 a Complete Sequence

As for the old workhorse of Final Cut Pro 7. Managing a complete sequence of images as one clip is slightly different, although you will end up with the same result. To do this create a new sequence clip and place/drag your time-lapse images into that sequence. Once you have that rendered and ready to go, create a new sequence to house your previous time-lapse sequence. Drag the previously rendered time-lapse sequence inside the new sequence and there you have it. You can now render and add effects to the time-lapse sequence as if it was a regular movie clip. Though try to be smart about editing time-lapse sequences as every time you make an edit Final Cut Pro 7has to re-render the individual images inside that time-lapse sequence so it can be time consuming.

Final Cut 7 Sequences

The sequences and image bin

Final Cut 7 Sequences

The individual images

Final Cut 7 Sequences

The Sequence inside the base sequence

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