CaptivEYE Timelapse Camera

Now this is a camera I am hoping to utilise at some stage in my creative processes. I have been communicating with CaptivEYE recently to implement their solution for one of my clients and can’t wait to test and show off the results. These guys are doing amazing things so keep an eye out for CaptivEYE (I know, I’m sorry)
CaptivEYE Timelapse camera is a fully featured timelapse camera capturing and remote viewing webcam system. It’s multi-faceted approach offers impact, value, efficiency and unparalleled archiving, monitoring and marketing capabilities.


Panoramic & Multi-Angle Timelapse Capturing As well as traditional ‘locked off’ cameras, CaptivEYE features unique pan/tilt/zoom systems, which are able to take any number of different images from a single camera, including wide panoramic scenes up to 360°.

With many sites unable to be captured with a single camera due to the size and/or shape, CaptivEYE’s pan/tilt/zoom approach provides the flexibility of a much wider view than any fixed camera, as well as the ability to capture any particular area of interest, be it wide or zoomed in, for greater detail. One CaptivEYE camera equals unlimited angles and views.

HD & Multi-megapixel

All CaptivEYE systems feature Full HD and multi-megapixel resolution imaging. Combined with superior optics and advanced light and colour technologies, CaptivEYE’s images are suitable not only for HD timelapse animations, but also any form of digital or print based medium.

Remote Capture, Storage, Backup & Access

All CaptivEYE Timelapse systems are primarily captured and stored away from the camera. This is because: – images don’t need to be retrieved on-site manually – images are safe should anything happen to the camera equipment – images are backed up to 2 different locations every night.



Wireless & Solar Powered – Relocatable

Most CaptivEYE Timelapse systems operate using 3G wireless internet, and increasingly with solar and battery power. This allows cameras to be installed almost anywhere, to operate independently and be in place well before and after construction works. Satellite based internet access is also available, which means we CaptivEYE systems can operate from anywhere in the world.

Close Proximity & Long Distance Capturing

With CaptivEYE’s unique pan/tilt/zoom approach, issues of a camera being ‘too close to the action’ are also overcome. Rather than use a fixed camera, which can often distort the image unnaturally due to the use of super-wide angle lenses, CaptivEYE’s multi-image overlapping capture technique provides a view that’s more pleasing to the eye, and more realistic representation of the scene.



Check out the Monash construction camera

Conversely, when a camera is installed further away, it’s inbuilt optical zooming allows for far greater detail, simultaneously with a wide view.

Adjustable Capture Frequencies

As the CaptivEYE System is operated and controlled remotely, changes in the frequency of timelapse capturing can be arrange for at any time, to suit the stages of construction and the amount of activity taking place.

Full HD Video Recording

For instances where there’s lots of activity in a very short amount of time – such as an object being lifted into place – we also offer the ability to record live HD video at 25 frames-per-second, also from the same camera. This means you need not miss critical moments that might occur between scheduled timelapse shots, and at the same time be at the exact camera angle – matching the timelapse images – so that any recorded video can also be used as part of a timelapse animation, down the track.

CaptivEYE Live Streaming Webcam

All CaptivEYE Timelapse systems double as a live webcam, including interactive pan/tilt/ zoom control. With video streaming at up to 25 frames-per-second – even over a 3G wireless connection – CaptivEYE WebCam provides on-site live remote access, often from an otherwise inaccessible and superior vantage point. This keeps relevant parties informed from anywhere in the world, whilst at the same time saving time and money by reducing the number of on-site visits required.

Check out the Eco eggs chook cam and the police dog unit.

Marketing Tool or Private Access

CaptivEYE WebCam can be used as a powerful marketing tool, with cameras easily embedded into any website and viewed with a standard web browser. It can also be protected with username and password access, for private use only. Check out The Rocks live web cam.

Instant Live Snapshot

For tasks such as creating reports and presentations, CaptivEYE Webcam includes the ability to take an instant high definition JPEG image. Combined with pan/tilt/zoom control, users can capture a particular scene or area of interest up cloase, and download it immediately to their PC, for purposes such as update reports and presentations.

Mobile Device Access

CaptivEYE Webcam can be viewed live on mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad.

Timelapse Animation Mastering

Completing the process, CaptivEYE Timelapse includes the careful assembly, aligning, culling and mastering of images to form a timelapse animation video. Rather than an automated approach, our hands-on production team ensures timelapse videos are well branded, titled and delivered in a professional manner, in keeping with the project and client it’s providing for.

If you need any further details or information talk to my friend Paul over at CaptivEYE by visiting


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